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  • Leonardo Ramadinha

Exu comes first - FOGO! - SoMad Gallery | NY

In this photo installation, Leonardo Ramadinha ( @ramadinha ) documents the Afro-Brazilian religion, Umbanda, invoking Exu, the messenger who exists between physical and spiritual planes. The images surrounding the center grant Exu protection, representing Umbanda Terreiro practices.

View ūĚĎ≠ūĚĎ∂ūĚĎģūĚĎ∂! via virtual exhibition on website at SoMad.NYC or visit us in person weekdays 12‚Äď6pm until November 12th, tickets are linked in at SoMad Events.


Curated by Efrem Zeloney & Carla Maldonado

SoMad Gallery

34 E 23rd St, 4th Floor

New York, NY, 10010


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